I Am An Egg Dance Company

I Am An Egg Dance Company offers adults with mental health needs the opportunity to increase their involvement with dance through weekly training and creative sessions. The company is led by Viv Gordon and a small team with lived experience of mental illhealth.


We offer different activities to support members to learn new skills and techniques, improve their fitness and develop their creative abilities in a guided, respectful and supportive space. We engage in different projects leading to performances, events and film work.

Activities include technique classes, world dance styles, creative games and improvisation, choreographic skills, performance opportunities, visiting artists, body conditioning and related creative arts.

We used to meet on Mondays from 10am—3pm at The Avalon Constitutional club, Glastonbury during school term time. We do not meet on bank holidays. Company members make a commitment to attend weekly. Participation is free of charge. We can contribute to travel costs for those who need it.

I am an Egg opens to new members at least twice a year at the beginning of new projects - if you would like to join the company please get in touch and we will let you know how and when you can apply.

Tip Top Top Tips

Tip Top Top Tips is the company's current project. We are promoting positive self management strategies by making a series of short creative dance films.
See our Tip Top Top Tips project page


Ian is a short dance piece choreographed with the company by Alessandro Marzotto Levy of Impermanence Dance Theatre in 2015. The piece explores themes of struggle, fitting in, standing out and letting go. It was performed at two wellbeing events in Somerset. You can watch it here
You can watch an interview about the piece here

What Words Can't Say

What Words Can't Say is a short performance which was developed in the company's first choreographic intensive in 2014. The piece shows a journey of recovery from isolation and vulnerability to connection and support. It was choreographed through a collaborative process led by Viv Gordon. The piece toured to six arts and community events in Somerset reaching over 900 audience members.

Kerry's Story

"I have become far more physically active...aware that I have a body and not just a mind. Out in the world I have become conscious of my head, where my eyes are looking, how my body moves and responds to the outside world and that there is more going on beyond the sight of grey pavements. Of course I am not suggesting that the course will "cure" me of my Bipolar disorder but I like to think of it as part of a holistic approach to managing my mental health...allowing me to find a new way to express feelings that I might find difficult through word alone."

Tree is a combined arts research and development project exploring direct action, protest and empowerment. A motley crew of protesters fight to save a special piece of land from the developers.

The intimate sharing was performed to an audience watching around a warm fire listening to the story told through dance, movement, live music, song, theatre and aerial work.

The sharing of work-in-progress material was created by I Am An Egg Dance Company with Writer and Artistic Director, Viv Gordon, our wonderful team at Mean Feet Dance and guest speakers and artists.

I Am An Egg Dance Company is a community performance company for adults with lived experience of mental ill health.

We are open to new members. Get in touch to find out more.


Tree from MeanFeetDance on Vimeo.

Check out our fab promo of our sharing of 'I am an Egg's' Tree project performed at Paddington Farm in October 2017


Our Cross that Bridge Performance held in Weston-Super-Mare on Monday 10th October to celebrate World Mental Health day and promote suicide prevention was a great success. Check out our photo gallery of the day. This event was kindly supported by Trust Greenbelt.